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One Edition Per Household

Wise Buy is locally owned and operated and distributed in the mail by the US Post Office. We are the largest publication in the area and our wonderful shops, merchants, and vendors who advertise with us are providing the greatest deals in town. 

Wise Buy is available to local residents and if you wish to receive Wise Buy for FREE, CLICK HERE

Ad Placement 

Every business will have equal treatment.  The layout will change with every publication to ensure freshness and  engagement. Therefore, there is no guarantee for ad placement aside from the front, back, and inside covers.

Ad Content

Our team has many years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry. We work side by side with you to create an exquisite and effective ad! All we need are the following elements...

1. Image/Photo - A high resolution and exquisite image or photo is required! If you need one, NO WORRIES! We will help with photography or source one online for you. 

2. Logo High resolution pdf, eps, png, jpg. If you don’t have a logo we will help you find resources to build one. 

3. Copy - LESS IS MORE. The general rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Clear, concise, and short messages are preferred to long paragraphs. This will improve performance and bring greater results. 

4. Contact Information

     - Phone Number

     - Address

     - Website/URL: Best practice is to use Case Title to remove any         unnecessary characters. For example,                   instead of

5. Special Offer - Businesses are not required to run a special offer. Realtors, for example, often do not. If it is good fit for your business, we recommend that you do. Our team will work with you to create an offer that makes sense for your business and will achieve the best performance and results! 

6. Social Media- To achieve the best results for our advertisers and to maintain clarity throughout our publication we will not allow for social media postings. Thank you for your understanding. 

Layout and Graphics 

Wise Buy manages all artwork, graphics, and layouts. Our pride lies in our unique clarity, sharpness, and flow. We collaborate closely with our advertisers to create an exquisite and effective ad while maintaining brand identity. 

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