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Why Advertise with Wise Buy?

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Wise Buy is the largest local publication with a distribution to over 78,000 households and over 187,000 people! 

(Based on national statistics, households average 2.4 persons)



Our merchants and service providers pack our magazine with amazing value and deals. Consumers will enjoy the savings until our next edition is mailed which will be about every 8 to 10 weeks! 

(Lifespan will vary slightly based on the scheduled mail delivery)

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Our team works closely with our advertisers to develop engaging and effective ads! The layout and design is created to keep you engaged from front cover to back cover. 

Calculate Savings


Our rates start at less than 1 cent per household! That is less than the cost of a business card. Contact us to find the right program for your business. 


Direct Incentives Work!

- 79% of the United States uses coupons 

- 69% of primary shoppers report that they frequently check or clip coupons as part of their consumer behavior 

- According to the US postal Service 74% of Americans immediately read or look at advertising they receive in the mail.

Promotion Marketing Association* 

Building Homes

It takes a Community

Our mission is to support local businesses and keep consumer habits within our community.

Thank you consumers and advertisers for your loyalty!

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