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Joe Benignos Tree Service - Half Page Ve

"We love the quality  of customers we receive from our advertisement with Wise Buy! They continue to come even after a while has gone by since the drop. Carolyn is wonderful to work with and ensures our ad performs at it's best. We love the local businesses featured in the magazine and love finding new ones all the time! I would highly recommend this magazine if you need to grow and be found!"



Joe Benigno's Tree Service 

WB_Sixth Page Ad_Scoups_Watermarked-01.j

 "I am so pleased to have met Carolyn, owner of Wise Buy Magazine.  After choosing the Wise Buy Magazine to promote my business I have not been disappointed.  After the first Ad went out to the public, within 2 days of its mailing I have averaged 3 daily returns of the coupon that I placed.  The majority are new guest who vowed to return. The new guests have come from every corner of the designated mailing. I am so excited to move forward with future Ad’s placed in the Wise Buy Magazine. I am grateful to Carolyn and the Wise Buy team."


Scoups Ice Cream & Soup Bar

WB_Quarter Page Ad_Sierra Hearth and Hom

"Wise Buy is a fantastic business aide. We have a quarter page ad, and have gotten a ton of feedback from it. A tremendously great investment for the future of any company"


Sierra Hearth and Home 

Poke Doke_Sixth Page Ad_WB Fall 2019_Rev

"Having Wisebuy Magazine as our most trusted point of advertising, Carolyn makes sure we are satisfied in every step. She is very professional and helpful. The total experience of the entire process is very smooth and the coordination is fast. We met new faces and families in our restaurant, thanks to Wisebuy coupon. We made the right decision to advertise with Wisebuy!"


Poke Doke


Great publication to promote your local business here in Northern Nevada!!

James Musgrove

Postal Annex 

Bellator Firearms_Half Page_Summer 2020-

"Wise Buy is by far the best decision I have made for my business! It is a HUGE MONEY generator. Clients come in from near and far and rave about my ads in the magazine. Carolyn is so easy to work with and very professional. The prices are VERY reasonable and I have increased my ad size already! If you are a business considering Wise Buy, do it! "

Jackie Paris

Bellator Firearms

Brown Bear Designs_HP-Horizontal_FALL 20

“If I rated the Wise Buy magazine it would get 5 stars!  The advertising reach rate in a rural area is tough, traditional print methods or online methods are catch as catch can. The Wise Buy direct mail magazine works and it has brought us SO MUCH BUSINESS! Locals both near and far have been contacting us and they right off the bat mention the Wise Buy ad.  The exposure we get is truly priceless and Carolyn is wonderful and super easy to work with. We love our ads and truly thankful that we finally have a marketing platform that works!"

Heather Leonard 

Brown Bear Designs 

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